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Other Interactive Work


Smaller Interactive Works 



Cyborg is an interactive narrative installation game created with Zekia Zhan and Ascot Smith.

It uses projection, and physical props and sets with an actor. 

A dying cyborg’s memories are physically represented by 20 cubes.  Two players act as interns and  select cubes, explore the contents inside and see a projection describing the memory.  After 7 cubes interns must decide the best corse of action for the cyborg’s life. 

Off Your Rocker Racing

Off Your Rocker Racing was created for Two Bit Circus' STEAM Carnival.  As players rocked modified saw horses, a horse of the responding color would run across the screen, the harder the player rocked, the faster the horse would go.

As part of Two Bits Circus internship program, I helped design, construct, program the game.


Demon Summoning

Demon Summoning was a two part performance piece done with Alejandro Quan Madrid.  Two physical props were created, a summoning circle an a cursed book. 

Volunteers  had to place hands on the summoning circle, which lit the candles around it through hidden conductive paint and LED lights.

The performer would then pour fake blood into the mouth of the book, causing the eyes to light, the book to rattle and a voice demanding to be released.  As this happened there were projections that reacted to events as they unfolded.


Chrono Cards

Chrono Cards were developed in the Game Innovation Lab as a middle grade card game that teaches about the causes of WW1 and the American Revolutionary War.

I acted as the Art Director for the game, collaborating with three artists on creating a cohesive look for the game. It is available for purchase at the Game Crafter.