Cyborg- Interactive Installation

Cyborg- Interactive Installation

CYBORG from Ascot Smith on Vimeo.

CYBORG is an interactive installation game which utilizes physical objects, digital projection, and a live performer, created by Martzi Campos, Ascot Smith, and Zekia Zhan.

STORY: The life of a Cyborg hangs in the balance. Two Interns of a futuristic hospital conglomerate search through the memories of a dying Cyborg in hopes of saving him.

Players select up to 7 MEM-CUBES of the 20 boxes available to search through the Cyborg’s memories.

Each MEM-CUBE contain an individual narrative object and when placed on the decoder tablet activates a corresponding video-text (cyborg memories). After selecting 7 MEM-CUBES the players then select a one of the two FINAL-CUBES to make a choice for the Cyborg recovery process. The player can select to UPLOAD the Cyborg’s conscience to The Wire or select RETURN which allows the Cyborg to regain his human components and return back to humanity.


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